We are the London Clinical Networks.

What are clinical networks?

The London Clinical Networks bring stakeholders together – providers, commissioners and patients – to create alignment around programmes of transformational work that will improve care for the 8+ million residents of the capital.

The networks provide the clinical expertise and leadership to drive commissioning decision making. In this way, the networks:

  • Improve quality outcomes
  • Advance the delivery of services
  • Reduce unacceptable variations of care

Working across the boundaries of commissioning and provision, they provide a vehicle for improvement, ensuring quality outcomes and value for money, where a single organisation, team or solution could not.

Our networks

Our mission

The vision of the London Clinical Networks is to create a system of clinical leadership linking health and social care for consistent, high quality, efficient and evidence based care for the health and well-being of the capital.

What we do


Established in 2013, the SCNs build upon the success of earlier clinical networks, such as stroke and cancer.

Based on the policy document, The way forward: Strategic clinical networks, the SCNs were created as the next evolution of clinical networks, further enhanced to ensure that commissioners have access to a broad range of expert clinical input to inform their decisions about the way care for local populations is planned and delivered.

The Clinical Networks, together with the London Clinical Senate and the three Academic Health Science Networks, create a collaborative approach to improvements and innovation in the capital. Learn more about how they work together.

Governance / Structure

The London Clinical Networks are hosted within the medical directorate of NHS England (London region). They are non-statutory bodies, providing expert clinical advice to commissioners. As such, the networks do not have a legal duty to commission health services. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and NHS England are accountable for commissioning of services, and providers are accountable for service delivery.

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Who’s who?

The London Clinical Networks are backed by a core team of professionals who enable the work of each of the networks, ensuring links and common themes are addressed.

Download the London Clinical Networks organisational chart (Feb 2017)