Better care, better outcomes for maternity care in London

The London Maternity Strategic Clinical Network held an event on 10 June to launch two new best practice toolkits on continuity of care and increasing birth in midwifery-led settings and a film designed to improve maternity experience across all NHS services.

Download the slides.

View the toolkits and film on the Maternity SCN page.

The best practice toolkits have been produced as part of the London Maternity Strategic Clinical Network’s strategy to identify areas of good practice for implementation across all maternity units in the capital, ensuring equally good outcomes for all pregnant women and their babies. The aim is to increase the number of women accessing continuity of midwifery care in London and increase the number of eligible women accessing midwifery led settings in London.

Interactive presentations were provided on the toolkits including an overview of the recommendations, auditable standards, key factors for successful implementation and provider units provided practical case studies and shared learning on the approaches.

The four minute film has been developed as part of the SCN’s aim to improve user experience across maternity services. It explores the pregnancy journey from the perspective of the woman and her family — their thoughts, feelings, concerns and joy and encourages maternity professionals to stand in their shoes. It has been created to promote understanding of the perspectives of others, challenge assumptions, harness empathy and compassion and improve professional practice. It is anticipated that the film will be shown at local and national training events and workshops and a training pack also accompanies the film.