In 2015 the SCN worked with North West London integrated care service to pilot a multiple sclerosis neurological pathway. within its existing integrated care service.

Learning and tools for integrated care servicesDownload the report

From the lessons learned we commissioned the charity Shift MS to work with us to develop a self-management educational web based tool.

Confidence collegeonline self management tools - MS self management tool

This will be launched this year (2016) and expanded to include Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

Whole pathway neurological care project – Camden & Barnet 

This project will identify what neurological out of hospital care looks like in an ideal world.  It will look at the system that enables care activities to take place. The system is not just structure, people and activity; it will include contracting, commissioning, financial and the behaviour necessary for the delivery of ideal care.  The design will not be constrained by what we have now.

It will be informed by the existing provision, using epilepsy, Parkinson’s and headache pathways as neurological exemplars, for each challenges the current system in different ways.  Mapping and data analysis of these pathways will be used to inform and test the ideal pathway.

National community neurology project

Thames Valley SCN is leading the national community neurology project working in collaboration with several neurological networks across the UK.

Phase one of this project involves collecting evidence of best practice from neurological community services across London and the UK. The information will be used to develop a commissioning brief to support commissioners and providers in improving current services to meet neurological needs.

Report | New models of care in community neurology: A guide for commissioners

  • Transformation guide – Sets out the context and case for change, then introduces key features of new models of care
  • Reference reports – Presents the original findings on core topics which informed the Transformation guide
  • Case studies – Provides illustrations of what is being achieved using new models of care