Contact: Temo Donovan, Project Manager

Why perinatal mental health? mh-pmh-facts-102015

  • More than one in ten women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year of having a baby
  • If untreated, this can have a devastating impact on the woman affected and her family, now and in generations to follow
  • There is good evidence that interventions in the perinatal period improve outcomes for women and families
  • There is a wealth of national guidance to support the need for perinatal mental health care: key resources updated February 2016

What needs to be done?

  • Appropriate support at the earliest opportunity
  • A range of services must be in place in every local area
  • Effective joint working across the NHS, public health, local authority and voluntary sector

Building better perinatal mental health services – key messages to help inform CAMHS transformation plans

Perinatal Mental Health Care Pathway

We are pleased to promote the perinatal mental health care pathway developed by the pan London perinatal mental health network and endorsed by the co-clinical directors of the Maternity and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Networks. The pathway outlines the different strands that sit across the perinatal mental health life span. Five major strands are included:

  • Maternity and neonatology
  • Maternal mental health psychiatry
  • Maternal mental health psychological therapies
  • Parent-infant mental health
  • Social care

Perinatal mental health care pathway


To raise awareness and help commissioners and providers understand the complexity of the perinatal mental health care pathway, we have developed an animation film, featuring personal accounts of participants experiences.

The film was made in collaboration with a wide variety of health professionals, people with lived experience and the voluntary sector.

If you are unable to view the video on YouTube, you may click this link to open it in a different site. Note: You may encounter buffering / lags.

Co-production workshop: Review of pan London perinatal mental health service specification

On 28th January a co-production workshop to review the pan London perinatal mental health service specification was held to develop the template for London. Clair Rees, Executive Director for Parents Infant Partnerships UK (PIP) facilitated the event with a varied audience that included health experts from mental health, maternity, social care, public health, commissioners and people with lived experience.  Delegates worked together using ‘I statements’ to express what they want to see and experience within a service and provided information which focussed on what matters most within the perinatal mental health care pathway. The information collated will inform the service specification due to go out for consultation during mid-February to mid-March with publication at the end of March. The result will be a template for commissioners enabling them to either develop a perinatal mental health service for their locality or build on their existing service to ensure women and their families in London get the right treatment from the right services at the right time.

event 3

Why are we here: pictures of families adorned the room

event 10

Why we are here: pictures of families adorned the room

event 4

Workshop 1: Delegates busy writing their ‘I statements’

event 7

Workshop 2: Delegates discussing what matters most within the perinatal pathway

event 1

Dr Sarah Taha, Consultant perinatal psychiatrist and co-chair of SCN perinatal commissioning project