Adult Critical Care

Adult Critical Care provides specialised care for patients whose conditions are life threatening and require comprehensive care and monitoring. Critical Care Operational Delivery Networks (ODN) facilitate the collaborative delivery of care for critically ill patients across a local network.


Critical Care ODNs focus on coordinating the patient pathway across providers within their network to enhance quality care delivery, reduce inequality and improve access to these specialist services.

Critical Care ODNs include all local providers of adult critical care, including pre-hospital services, hospitals receiving acute critical care admissions and rehabilitation services. By delivering critical care service through a network of care, patients are able to receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time and at appropriate levels.

Care is coordinated across multiple hospital sites for patients in critical care units, on general wards and within the community. Critical Care ODNs also manage and monitor the safe transfer of critically ill patients between hospital sites, monitor day-to-day capacity across the network and support capacity planning. There is a strong focus on continually improving the quality and standards of care and developing protocols across the network.

As critical care covers a wide breadth of clinical services, Critical Care ODNs work closely with multiple Clinical Networks, such as cancer, maternity and cardiovascular, and other ODNs such as trauma. They also facilitate working between commissioners and providers.

London Critical Care ODNs

There are three Critical Care ODNs in London:

  • North East North Central London Critical Care Network
  • North West London Critical Care Network
  • South London Critical Care Network


Pan London Clinical Director | Richard Beale

Chair of Pan London Nurse Forum | Chris Hill

North East North Central London Critical Care Network
Clinical Lead | Banwari Agarwal
Network Manager | Rose Tobin

North West London Critical Care Network
Clinical Lead | Ganesh Suntharalingam
Network Director | Angela Walsh

South London Critical Care Network

Medical Lead | Amira Girgis
Nurse Lead | Adam Riedlinger
Network Manager | Bincy Padiyara
Website: To be added