Neonatal ODNs

Neonatal units provide specialist care for sick newborn babies. Neonatal Operational Delivery Networks (ODNs) coordinate the patient pathway between hospitals over a wide area to ensure babies have access to the specialist support and expertise they need.


ODNs aim to ensure babies and their families receive the highest quality of care as close to home as possible. To achieve this, ODNs work with those hospitals providing maternity and neonatal care within their network to effectively plan patient care, optimise resources and promote family centred care.

Each network has at lease one Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Other hospitals with neonatal care will have either high dependency units or special care units. As babies are transferred to the right unit to access the right level of care depending on their needs, ODNs ensure there are clear referral pathways and transport arrangement in place across their network.

London Neonatal ODNs

There are 29 hospital trusts across London which provide neonatal care. These hospitals work closely together through the London Neonatal ODN to provide specialist care for sick newborn babies.

Pathways of care are based on three geographical areas; North Central and North East London, North West London and South London each of which have their own Clinical Oversight Group (COG).

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Pan London Clinical Director | Grenville Fox

Pan London Nurse Lead | Jenni Jagodzinski

Pan London Manager | Suzanne Sweeney

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